Betan MediX at Masters of LXRY

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When we finally exposed CellulitiX™ to the world, everyone was quite impressed. Many women shared their stories. Do you want to find out more? Read here!

At the Masters of Luxury fair, luxury products were for sale: from super yachts to the world’s most beautiful diamonds. This famous luxury exhibition was bigger than ever! It attracted more than 46,000 visitors from home and abroad who came to admire the latest trends in the luxury area. During the fourteenth edition of the Masters of Luxury, we introduced our super cream Cellulitix and made the public aware of our scientific breakthrough in the fight against cellulite.

At the fair, we spoke to countless women that understood well the problem of cellulite. Informative and interesting conversations confirmed the female feelings that we hear daily as plastic surgeons. Feelings of shame that can limit their daily activities. For example, one of the women stated that she would never expose her upper legs, even in the summer! It is difficult for her as she feels that people would stare at her legs because of her cellulite. Seems dramatic but subconsciously, she is confronted with this problem every day. She does not like looking in the mirror and she uses especially long and loose trousers to disguise the shape of her thighs. Her problem, as we discovered at the fair, was suffered by thousands. She was not alone!

Another visitor told us that she regularly goes to Marbella to enjoy the peace and freedom of the beautiful Spanish culture. She admitted that he she would not wear a short summer dress or swimsuit in public places. She was, in fact, insecure about her belly, buttocks and legs. She considered her skin to be a mirror of her health and with cellulite she felt less heathly and aged . She felt enormously frustrated. We informed her about the scientific background of cellulite. After a good conversation, we were able to welcome her to our new CellulitiX cellulite cream. In 4 weeks we will call her to discuss the results.

We presented our revolutionary CellulitiX™ at the Masters of LXRY fair

Say goodbye to cellulite with the new revolutionary anti-cellulite cream CellulitiX™, developed by Dr. Volkan Tanaydin, doubly qualified plastic surgeon and pharmacist, and his team of cellulite experts. With their expertise and supervision, our products were developed in close cooperation with plastic surgeons and pharmacists by scientific literature and research. In fact, you will get beauty and science together here.

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