DIY Cellulite Treatment

Posted by CellulitiX | June 9, 2017 | Cellulitix

While your dermatologist or spa professional may suggest timely and costly cellulite treatment, you can tackle your dimples at home. All you need is the clinically prove CellulitiX cream and anti-cellulite massager. With just 5 minutes a day, 92% of ladies experienced a drastic visible reduction in dimples.
CellulitiX All-Natural Cellulite Cream

The CellulitiX all-natural cellulite cream is made with a powerful blend of ingredients known to improve elasticity. Our team of plastic surgeons and pharmacists worked diligently to create our proprietary formula of Adiposlim, retinylpalmitate, and caffeine. Stored in an air-tight dispenser that protects your cream from exposure to air, bacteria, and UV-degradation. This formula penetrates deep into your skin, and is made even more effective by using our cellulite massager. While our cream will effectively firm, tighten, and tone on its own—to get the maximum benefit, you must use our anti-cellulite massager.

CellulitiX Handheld Cellulite Massager

You may have heard that targeted massage is one way to help relax the connective tissue causing your embarrassing dimples. But who has the time or the budget for daily spa massage? With our ergonomic handheld massager, you can easily massage your buttocks, thighs, and anywhere else dimples are present. Massage gently for 5 minutes after applying our cellulite cream. This will help our cream fully penetrate your dermis and will loosen and stimulate circulation in your connective tissues. As an added bonus, our DIY massager won’t burn out your hands!

You Are Not Alone

Over 85% of women ages 13 and up have cellulite. This includes women who have the perfect body, weight, and BMI. That being said, yes—you are likely to see an increase in the number of dimples as you gain weight. This includes temporary weight gain during pregnancy. While you may lose the baby weight with diet and exercise, losing the dimples requires an active approach. Instead of finding more ways to cover up and hide your bum and thighs, give our DIY cellulite treatment a try!

Whether you’ve had cellulite for years, or have recently noticed a few dimples—it is never too late to start a treatment regimen. Our treatment is also an excellent proactive approach to maintaining elasticity in your cellulite-prone areas, such as your things, buttock, stomach and upper arms. To learn more about our revolutionary approach to cellulite reduction, visit CellulitiX today!

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