Kim Kardashian Cellulite Shame

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Last summer, Kim Kardashian was pictured on a beach in Mexico wearing a very revealing bikini. What was more revealing than the bikini, however, was the lack of photoshopping or Instagram-esque filters offered by the paparazzo’s lens. Her world-famous bottom was suddenly exposed as having cellulite, something that Kim found rather upsetting.  A Kim Kardashian cellulite shame!? Kim Kardashian having cellulite is not something that corresponds with her brand, you see. After all, this is the perfect bottom that “broke the internet”, so to speak.

It’s not just Kim, however, that suffers from cellulite in the celebrity world. Celebrities with cellulite include such famous faces as Beyoncé, Ashlee Simpson, and Alicia Keys. Many celebrities with cellulite are not people you consider to be unattractive, it seems. Kim Kardashian’s cellulite pictures should not really surprise us; she is ultimately a 37-year-old woman who has given birth to 2 children. No amount of photoshopping, Vaseline, or Instagram filtering is going to change that.

Though Kim Kardashian’s cellulite may be causing her much shame and embarrassment, we must remember that this is a woman who has arguably based her entire career on having a huge bottom and looking perfect 24/7. Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s cellulite is the pulling back of the curtain that many women needed – the confirmation that celebrities with cellulite do exist, and that celebrities don’t have access to the fountain of eternal youth. Though celebrities have access to high-quality products and services, celebrities with cellulite still do exist in great numbers, especially when they’re caught with their pants down (literally and figuratively) by candid paparazzi.

kim kardashian cellulite

So if the fountain of eternal youth doesn’t actually exist – what can help Kim Kardashian and other celebrities with cellulite? There are many cellulite creams and massagers out there, all claiming to reduce the effects and spread of cellulite. A decent cellulite cream and massager can be instrumental in reducing the appearance of cellulite as women age, and works best when combined with the recommended healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Cellulite is no doubt an area of beauty that will undergo extensive research as time goes on, as celebrities with cellulite are sure to demand it! As things stand right now, though, there is no all-in-one cure for cellulite. Nonetheless, choosing the right cellulite cream and massager can be crucial to reducing the appearance and spread of unsightly cellulite, making women everywhere feel even more beautiful as they gracefully age.

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