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Scientific research on the use of CellulitiX™ Cream and Massager have yielded impressive results. Several studies have shown that women experienced a tighter feeling after 1 week. There was a visible improvement in cellulite with fewer leg dimples after 4 to 6 weeks in their overall appearance. All results are based on sound scientific research. The before and after photos of participants from different studies are available on our website. With these studies, the effects of the CellulitiX™ treatment have been studied in women of various age groups.

First Study

The first study was carried out on a group of 11 women during a period of about 4 to 6 weeks. The women used the CellulitiX™ Cream 2x daily (morning and evening) with a thin application on the treatment area before massaging it for 5 minutes with the specially developed CellulitiX™ Massager. Almost all the women reported they noticed their cellulite area did feel tighter after a period of 1 week. After 4 weeks, there was a clear improvement of the skin texture and fewer leg dimples with most of the women: 2 reported only a slight improvement. Mean circumference reduction of the thigh was 2.4 cm on the left and on the right was 2.5 cm. On the scale of 1 to 5, it was rated 4.1.

  1. The appearance and the product’s ease-of-use was rated on average 4.1.
  2. The effect of the product scored after 6 weeks an average of 3.9
  3. An average final score of a 4.1
  4. 10/11 women would recommend the product to their friends.

After this course of one full dispenser of CellulitiX™ Cream they went on to use 1x daily the CellulitiX™ Cream in combination with the CellulitiX™ Massager for about 12 weeks; the obtained result was even better. Finally, they went on to the maintenance phase program using CellulitiX™ Cream with Massager 1x every two days in order to remain stable results. 3 patients gave permission to publish their results (medical photos).

Leg dimples treatment results CellulitiX

Second Study

Based on the good results of our first study; personal coach Anna de Kok helped to carry out a second study combining lifestyle advice and a customized fitness program with CellulitiX™. It appeared that the motivation and patient compliance was very important for achieving good results. We stimulated this triple approach therapy program to achieve an even greater effect in reducing the severity of leg dimples. This was the creation of the “CellulitiX™ Triple treatment“. With this program, the first improvements were also already visible after the first 2 weeks. After 6 weeks the effects were evaluated again. Rated on a scale of 1 to 5:

  1. The appearance and the product’s ease-of-use was rated on average 4.5.
  2. The effect of the product, scored after 6 weeks, was an average of a 3.9
  3. An average final score of a 4.1
  4. 11/12 women would recommend the product to their friends.

All in all, the triple approach therapy program resulted in very good scores that were similar to the scores from our initial study. Four patients gave permission to publish their results (medical photos).

Hopefully, after reading this article you better understand the clinical results of CellulitiX™ that helps to reduce leg dimples. Do you still have a question about cellulite or anti cellulite treatments? Chat with one of our cellulite experts or send us an email.

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