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Click here to read all about the ingredients and components of our revolutionary anti-cellulite cream CellulitiX™, and find out how these ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

CellulitiX™ has been developed and created by a unique collaboration between Dr. Volkan Tanaydin, plastic surgeon and pharmacist, and a team of European plastic surgeons and cellulite experts

To develop an effective cream, it is important that the ingredients used, in its creation are at an optimum concentration. It should also be considered whether the elements are best in the form of a gel, ointment, foam, cream or whether a lotion should be administered. Also, it is important to be aware of what the pharmacological properties of the ingredients are, which are being used in the production of the cream. A lot of research has to be done in advance before a cream is brought on the market. If this whole research is not well studied, then it will end up costing you a lot of money and disappointment because it would be ineffective. The success of an anti cellulite cream in the market is dependent on several factors, including:

  1. The way in which the cream is applied to the skin
  2. The interaction between the different components of the cream with the skin
  3. Other environmental factors

Creams are absorbed into the skin in various ways. For example, transport can take place via the sweat glands and hair follicles. It is also possible that the transport takes place via the skin cells. This means it can flow through the cells (also called intracellular) or between cells (intercellular). Which route is completed depends on the type of agent present in the cream. The intercellular pathway is the most common route, while the route precisely constitutes the greatest obstacle to skin products. To improve the absorption, one may choose to use skin-amplifiers, which cause a better flow of the active ingredients to the skin. These skin amplifiers can be physical (such as massage or brushes), or chemical in nature (e.g., water ingredients, or fat-soluble substances). Constituents having a good anti-cellulite effect, will ensure the skin to carry out some processes, namely;

(a) They increase the blood flow in the skin

(b) They reduce fat production and enhance fat breakdown

(c) To restore normal structure of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue

(d) Inhibit or destroy free radicals (harmful substances released).

Examples of substances that have these characteristics:

1) methylxanthines (like caffeine and theophylline), adrenaline

2) Vitamin A (retinoids), vitamin C

3) vitamin C, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, red grapes

Reduced fat production and stimulation of fat breakdown:

Agents that mainly inhibit fat breakdown are the “methylxanthines” such as caffeine and theophylline. The most common and safest methylxanthine is caffeine. Caffeine can be absorbed readily and rapidly into the skin. Caffeine acts directly on fat cells, which start the fat breakdown immediately. Methylxanthines ensure that fat (made up of triglycerides) is degraded to free fatty acids and glycerol. They do this with the aid of the enzyme triglyceride lipase. Caffeine also has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation of the skin.

Agents that restore the skin structure and subcutaneous tissue:

Vitamin A and retinoids help in combatting cellulite. Retinoid provides for a stimulation of the blood supply, the reduction of fat cells and increase in collagen release at the skin. Retinoid increases the thickness and firmness of the skin, which makes the fat harder to come over the skin.

Agents that inhibit or prevent the formation of free radicals:

Vitamins such as C and E are antioxidants which protect the membranes of cells, skin and subcutaneous tissue of toxic substances. This helps stimulate the recovery of the skin. Certain vitamins also ensure an improvement of the blood supply to the skin.

Agents that increase blood flow:

Also, there are additional resources that contribute to obtaining an optimal absorption of the above-mentioned substances. These are, for example, massage, heat and corrective stretch trousers.

In many cases, different substances are combined to achieve a good anti-cellulite effect. However, it may be that various components inhibit each other or even help in stimulating the operation. There is often little or no scientific research on the combination of substances.

Betan CellumiX Triple Component™

We have above each group selected the most effective means. After 4 years of research, we have managed to develop these resources in a stable cream. Also, we have added a new promising means Adiposlim ™. This promising unique combination of Adiposlim ™, caffeine and retinylpalmitate, as we mentioned are present in the BetanCellumiX Triple Component. We can proudly say that we have developed a revolutionary product and we dare to say that this is the best anti cellulite cream that has been developed to date.

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