CellulitiX Triple Treatment

Treat Cellulite on thighs with the New 2018 CellulitiX™ triple treatment

Easy Cellulite Treatment Plan for a glowing skin

CellulitiX™ Triple Treatment is a four-week course developed by our team of plastic surgeons and pharmacists to help you effectively reduce cellulite on thighs, bum and upper legs. The course was co-developed by our personal health coach Anna de Kok.

People are becoming more and more aware of imperfections on their bodies, especially in this era where women are becoming more obsessed with getting a “perfect body.” We now see women putting a lot of effort in to protect their appearance; making cellulite a more serious problem than ever.

A whole lot of women are ashamed of their appearance and can’t even display their legs in public. Most of the women we spoke to in recent years tell us that they have tried everything from strict diets to exercises to expensive treatments… yet with little to no positive results. The women we spoke to recalled wasted money and time as well as energy. However, no matter what your cellulite story has been all these years- we have good news for you! That good news is that cellulite is treatable. We have researched extensively on cellulite and came to the conclusion that many cellulite treatments address the wrong problems. As a result, we have tasked ourselves with developing a treatment plan that engages the actual causes of cellulite on thighs, bum and upper legs.

From our research, we have been able to develop a scientifically proven course that addresses both early and advanced cases of cellulite. For those who want fast results, we, together with personal coach Anna de Kok, have developed the CellulitiX™ Triple Treatment.

The three pillars of the CellulitiX™ Triple Treatment are:

  1. Optimizing nutritional status
  2. Healthy exercise
  3. CellulitiX™ treatment


Hopefully, after reading this article you understand in short how the treatment plan is built to remove cellulite on thighs, bum and upper legs. Do you still have a question about cellulite or anti cellulite treatments? Chat with one of our cellulite experts or send us an email.

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